Immediate response, 24 hour car lockout service at affordable prices. Opening a car, using the wrong tool can cause damage. Many cars are designed to make it nearly impossible to open with a slim-jim or wire coat hanger. We are pros and will get it open.

24 Hour Car Lockouts


Immediate response, 24 hour replacement car key service at affordable prices. We cut and program keys at your location. We make transponder keys and keys with chips in them.

We can also replace ignitions, remove keys broken or stuck in car door, trunks and ignitions.

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If your keys are locked inside the trunk, call us before you try to open it with a crowbar. Some cars are designed so the interior trunk release requires a key to operate. We can make you a key to open your trunk.

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Locksmith was fast to open my car. Made a new key when it was not inside. Thanks for helping!   - Jan W.

Lost my keys while shopping. Call Team locksmith wha arrived very fast and made us new key within minutes. Save my day for sure.   - Jamie.

Thank you for making replacement key so fast. I thought I would be stuck waiting all night with my car. I will recommend your service to my friends.   - Jorge

Fast services. The car locksmith was very fast opening my camry up for me, nice young man too.   -Jean

Thanks for being so fast to open my car. My groceries made it home in one piece.   - Kathleen P.

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Have Questions?

Keys locked in your car? Need a good car lockout service? What if I lose my only car key? Can you get a replacement key right now? Is the dealer cheaper?

Call us, we will be happy to look up information for your vehicle and answer your questions.

Some locations are not equipped to make all of these keys. Please call to confirm with the make, model and year of your vehicle.

Car Lockout Service in Kingwood Texas


It takes only a split second to lock your keys in your car. It can happen anywhere at anytime to anyone. What a big problem can result from one quick move. Even worse is seeing the keys sitting on the seat or in ignition and the windows just happen to be closed tightly.

Unlocking a car is not like the old days when you can maneuver a hanger and in a few minutes...presto! It is much more difficult and even skilled locksmiths can accidently crack a hardtop or break a window. Don't worry...we are very careful.

Attempting to unlock the car yourself first (most of us try) make sure you use some sort of small wedge on both sides of where you plan to put the wire or whatever you are using. This will not only minimize any damage but allow for easier movement.

Many cars can be opened this way, but I suggest you familiarize yourself with how your car unlocks from the inside. Nowadays we use remotes to lock and unlock our vehicles, we have to really think about how to do this manually. It is harder to figure it out on the side of the road or at the mall parking lot.



Key broken in the ignition, trunk or door? Sometimes the broken key can be extracted, removed and we can make a new key. When called for we repair or replace your ignition, door or trunk lock.

If your key is broke and you have both pieces, depending on the size of the piece, we can use that to make you a new one. This can also save you some money. So hang on to those broken pieces.

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We are a part of the trusted Team-Locksmith® Family with over 26 years of experience. We truly care about our customers, reputation, work quality, team players and industry. This in part enables us to do very good work at a decent rate.

Our technicians are experienced and trained in many areas of locksmithing and security. We encourage them to develop their skills, strengths and specialties. We support and promote independent expansion which in turn strengthens our family.

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If you have problems turning your ignition key and have to turn your steering wheel or push up to get that key to turn, be careful it is a sign of a bigger problem. You could find yourself stuck one day when the usual maneuvers will not work.

Another problem is cause by forcing a key into the ignition. This can damage an ignition. If you find yourself having to force a key into or out of the ignition, be very careful.

If a key is worn out or damaged, it can also cause damage to the ignition. It is much better to replace the key if it shows signs of damage or is excessively worn down. A good car locksmith can take care of most of these things for you.


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