Immediate response, 24 hour replacement car key services at affordable prices. We cut and program car keys at your location.

We make transponder keys and keys with chips in them. Many of our locations can also cut high security keys and proximity fobs.

We can let you know for sure when you provide your vehicle information.

24 Hour Car Keys


We program replacement car keys, chip keys, transponder keys and laser cut keys on location.

A key may require programming if it is new, if an ignition has been replaced or specific types of work have been done on your car.

It is rare that a key that has been working just fine, needs to be reprogrammed out of the blue.

Before you buy a key blank on line ensure a dealer or a locksmith can do whatever it takes to make the key start up your vehicle.

Ignition Keys Greensboro

While visiting my brother in Greensboro, had to call a locksmith because we locked our keys inside the car. Locksmith was fast and very nice. -Jan

Lost my keys while shopping. Called Team Locksmith who came out and made us a brand new car key and was speedy too. Thank you. Eric R

We appreciate Team-Locksmith getting us same day service to change all the locks in the building. We had an unexpected change in management and needed to do it immediately. We had Team-Locksmith install new locks on our smaller building too., Good job. - Matt Jensen

Locksmith was fast to open up our house last night. It was freezing and we would of had to sleep in the car! -Tinesha K.

Thanks for being so fast to open my car. Sorry about the dog catching you off guard. You handled it great. -Katlyn

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Have Questions?

Need a car key locksmith? Don't know your options? Can you get a replacement key right now? Is the dealer cheaper?

Call us, we will be happy to look up your vehicle and answer your questions.

Some locations are not equipped to make all of these keys. Please call to confirm with the make, model and year of your vehicle.

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Car Keys in Greensboro North Carolina


You lost your only car key and looking to get a replacement key made? Do you call the dealership or a locksmith? Here are a couple things to consider before making that decision.

Calling a locksmith won't always save you money. The rule of thumb is with a working key and can drive your car, make sure you ask your dealership for a quote first.

A locksmith can really help when you're stuck without a key after dealer hours. Especially if it is not safe to leave your vehicle overnight. Safety should be your main concern but many people lose their keys at home and can wait. We all need our car and almost panic when we lose the key.

Usually programming needs to be done at the vehicle, you probably will have to tow it to the dealership. This takes time, effort and money. Locksmiths can make you a key wherever you are.

If the ignition has been changed or rekeyed it will have to be replaced. This is when a dealership will cost more and you should consider calling a locksmith. We can replace your ignition at a reasonable cost. For some cars a dealer will require a new computer module (very expensive) to be installed. Some locksmiths can instead "reboot" or "reflash" your computer which costs less.

Make sure you check these things out before you spend your money. Some companies tell you a lower price to get your business. Sometimes, you can get a plain metal car key copied or made for cheap at a key shop or dealership.



Is your key broken in the ignition, trunk or door? We'll fix you right up and make you a new key. We repair and/or replace ignitions. We also repair and/or replace your door and/or truck lock if necessary.

Car Locks


We can make many laser cut car keys and remotes. We are unable to program some of the newer dealer keys/keyless remote start, Audi, Saab or Mercedes keys. We can do some BMW, Volvo and Volkswagen keys but check with us to be sure.

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We are a part of the trusted Team-Locksmith® Family with over 26 years of experience. We truly care about our customers, reputation, work quality, team players and industry. This in part enables us to do very good work at a decent rate.

Our technicians are experienced and trained in many areas of locksmithing and security. We encourage them to develop their skills, strengths and specialties. We support and promote independent expansion which in turn strengthens our family.

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